Wind Power
Wind Power

A Wind Power System Designed To Fit Your Building.

Wind power is typically associated with very large wind turbines commonly seen in rural areas. Known as HAWTs (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines), these giant propellers work great in farm fields and large tracts of unused land. However, are not practical for urban or suburban areas, due to their large visible size, noise and safety issues. In addition, HAWTs are not able to harness wind from every direction. Until recently, this was the only available option for generating wind power.

Northern Illinois Environmental Technologies now offers a system that works on the same principle of wind power – yet uses a new, smaller technology that works better for commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Our systems are called MVAWTs™ (Magnetic Vertical Axis Wind Turbines™). Mounted on your building roof, these units are much smaller than their propeller driven cousins found in rural areas. The MagLev™ (Magnetic Levitation) design allows for far less friction – resulting in greater efficiency, less vibration and virtually silent operation. The smaller size allows for usage in populated areas, and also allows users to take full advantage of The Roof Effect which increases wind power. This happens when wind travels over a building and speeds up as it crosses the peak of the roof generating higher rotational speeds on MVAWTs™.   Because of the MVAWT design, they are able to utilize wind power from any direction, and generate energy at lower speeds.

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Harvest The Power Of Wind
And Generate Electricity With
Wind Power Freedom Systems

Commercial Wind Power
10 / 30 / 50 Kilowatt Systems
Magnetic Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Use wind power to reduce the electrical costs
on your business or government buildings.

Residential Wind Power
3 / 5 / 10 Kilowatt Systems
Magnetic Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Use wind power to reduce the electrical costs
on your home or small business building.

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